Gatter: New York/Boston, Philadelphia, USA (from France?)

Based on

  • Y-STR37 + BigY Test @ FamilyTreeDNA 2001-2014 by B. Gatter (Boston) kit FT-853, YFull YF04995
  • Y-STR37 Test @ FamilyTreeDNA 2001-2014 by E. Gatter (Philadelphia) 2002-2012 kit FT-8352


  • New York / Boston: see > New York > Boston
    Samuel Gatter b.c. 1776, 1797 in New York and 1805 Boston; possibly of French origin with surname Gatier; wife Deborah Garrison;
  • Philadelphia: see > Pennsylvania > Philadelphia
    William Gatter, b.c. 1802, 1844 cooper in Philadelphia; wife Catherine Fry; father and grandfather possibly Martin Gatter (cordwainer, shoemaker)

Surname: Variants, Distribution, Origins (Possibly)

Interesting Search area given the Y-matches: Upper Rhine and NW France

Gatier in Northwest- France